Friday, October 31, 2014

Damp Flat Books - Jackie Batey


If you came to our last meeting, or perhaps caught up with us on the Blog, you will remember
Dr Jackie Batey who came and inspired us as she talked to us about her work.  She mentioned starting up an MA at Portsmouth, and she has just been in touch to confirm that it is now underway.  Marvellous news!

The MA Illustration will have artists books, zines, and printmaking specialisms included.  The link to have a look is -

Tell your friends, it's going to be good, especially with Jackie in charge....

More Guest details for our meeting on Saturday 15 November.

Our Meeting on 15 November 2014 is coming up folks.......  

Another good morning of experiences will be on offer , with a great-line up of 5 of our members giving short chats about their work - see previous blog entry on our BOOK-ers - and the second part will include Amy Strike, our guest of the morning.

Here's how her work is described - 

Amy Strike is a book artist and theatre designer. She lives in London, and displays her book art at exhibitions across the UK.

She uses paper, leather, gold leaf and thread.  She uses glue and ink and fonts and all of the materials found within a book to create her sculptures.  Her work is a celebration of the book; an astonishing object which still (despite the rise of Kindles) seems to speak right to the hindbrain in us.  We still love books, she maintains;  they are packages with worlds pressed between the pages, fragile paper ships containing all the best things in life.

Amy also designs for theatre, creating sets and concepts for immersive productions and street games. She has created works for Secret and Future Cinema, Electric Voice Theatre, and is helping to design story based puzzle games for Fire Hazard, a London based street game provider.

Most recently she has designed rooms for the immersive theatre production Las Maravillas by the Dreamery, currently showing in London. She will be creating an immersive theatre, story telling production/puzzle game (which will feature book arts and paper puzzles heavily) early next year for a festival in Melbourne, Australia.


Everyone welcome, come and join us on the 15th for a morning of interesting perspectives on all things BOOK-y and PAPER-Y.  All beginners and more established BOOK fanatics welcome.  We voted to include a £3.00 GBP entry for our sessions to cover costs.  Almost as reasonable as a cup of coffee!


A note to add.  On Saturday morning, 17 January, to beat the New Year blues, or just for loads of fun, we will be hosting a WORKSHOP.  Clare, who has taught extensively, and created a Flying Books Project, will be showing us some wonderful papery and book-y things to do.  PLACES WILL BE LIMITED, so please apply early.  There will be a cost of £12.00 for the morning, so to BOOK your place don't forget to pay early on.  This will cover some materials provided, and requests about the content can still be made.  We already have concertina folds and wallets on the list, so if you have a particular request, let us know.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meeting of BOOK-ers on 15th November 2014

Looking forward to our session on Saturday morning, 15th November, starting at 10.30 am. A treat for us all, as some of our members will be doing us a rapid 5 MINUTE 'BOOKing' about their work. 

Here's the list  of BOOK-ers

Annie Kerr - POCKET BOOKS - Work in Progress





There's lots more about Mariya's work to describe, as she is working on a project supported through the Arts Council.  It's about the notion of identity in relation to the urban landscape, leading to a technically challenging book object that will encompass elements of photography, sculpture and print.

For the second half of the session

We will have Amy to talk to us about her book art objects and her writing.  MORE details to follow... All details will be posted here when available.....

Come along and join us, all welcome, from complete beginners to more established BOOKy types.