Monday, April 15, 2013

Press & Release 2013 - Exhibition of Artists' books at the Phoenix

Coming up!

Although we are having a leisurely private tour of the Press & Release show, Phoenix Gallery, at our Book Arts Collective meeting on 21 May, perhaps you will want to have a look before that.  Don't forget that the show opens 27 April.  Two of the Collective's members will have work in the show - Sarah Bryant and Dorry Smallman.   The Private View is on 26 April ....  Details

On 1 June from 2 - 5pm we, the Sussex Book Art Collective, will also be taking part in 'Off The Page' - an afternoon of books - described as 'A stimulating mix of illustrated talks, drop-in workshops, networking opportunities, cafe and more'.  Come and see what we are up to !  And you might like to try your hand ..... 'nuff said!

What's a blog without a few images, so here we go -

Dorry's piece, called Chick Lit - a more unusual format for Book Art!

And -

One of Dorry's hand-made books with jacket

Friday, April 5, 2013

Further exciting news!

Having already blogged that we are now going to meet on 21 May at the Phoenix Gallery, a further
surprise -

During the evening I have arranged for us to have a private viewing of the PRESS AND RELEASE 2013 Book Arts Show. 

Not only is that great for us all to have a long look, the evening will be mainly given over to the tour so that we can have some discussion about the pieces of work on show, and talk about what interests us the most, as well as perhaps getting some further inspiration for our own work.

So, thanks go to the Phoenix for this fab opportunity.   And, all you book artists out there - be there - and join in the fun!

At the last meeting, Suzanne kindly offered to bring some of her multitude of papers, cutouts, stamps, images etc etc for us to have a practical session too.  So, there will be plenty to keep us all occupied on the 21st May.  Book it in your diary now so you don't forget.

And whilst on the subject of BookS - Anyone like OLDER books?  Here are some pages from a handwritten and drawn book dating back to the 1800s.  I love the map of Matrimony.   Enjoy!  (and thanks Helen for allowing the photos)

Next Meeting of the Collective


The next meeting of the Book Art Collective is going to be on 21 May.  The venue has CHANGED tho.  We will now meet at
Phoenix Gallery
10-14 Waterloo Place, Brighton, BN2 9NB
Opposite St Peters Church

Map is at

Programme for the evening will follow soon.

Also, a note to all book art enthusiasts -
Don't forget, before that, the PRESS & RELEASE 2013 Book Art Show will be at the Phoenix Gallery.  It opens to the public on 27 April, and goes through to 9 June.  Both Sarah Bryant and Dorry Smallman have work in the show.

And something for all the paper artists who love the stuff - here's a sample of Dorry's hand-made marbled papers  -

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We are now on Facebook - look us up!

Have a look at us on Facebook - and how about posting something?  Go'on you know you want to!  Here's the link -

The first meeting!

Last Thursday (28th March), we met at Ink Spot Press to launch the Sussex Book Art Collective....

Dorry Smallman presented some ideas for the possible shape of the group, and we all chipped in about what might happen and things we'd like to do in coming meetings.

We agree to share projects, knowledge and ideas - what we're up to, as well as work on commonly themed ones...
The first project is to create a piece of work or book around the idea of 'teaching someone to be us for the day'. It could be images, text, whatever you choose.

Then Sarah Bryant showed us her beautifully crafted books - a real treat, as they are not only precision made but also fascinating in content.
Detail of one of Sarah's books - all hand done on a letter press

Sarah's Letter Press
We followed a demo by Sarah and printed a small piece of text each
Thanks to Dorry for kicking off an exciting group, and to Sarah for sharing her work and skills...

Guest blogger first session: Kim L Pace
Books are part of my practice which also includes drawing, film and installation.